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  • Waianae Neighborhood Board 24


Ewa Neighborhood Board focuses on Campbell High School

Campbell High School (CHS) needs improvements to its athletic facilities. At the February meeting of the Ewa Neighborhood Board there was a request for upgrades to their track field and for construction of a new stadium. The Ca...
Waianae Neighborhood Board 24
Waianae Neighborhood Board 24
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Leeward Reporter celebrates first year milestone

A year has passed since the Leeward Reporter started in December of 2012. We appreciate our readers and the comments they contributed during the past year. We hope to continue posting significant and meaningful news that occur ...
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Waianae Mall
Nanakuli Hawks

More spring activities for Nanakuli High and Intermediate

Spring student news from Nanakuli High and Intermediate School. Jean Nishi, Student Activities Coordinator, reports the latest happenings at Nanakuli High and Intermediate School: April 9 National Honor Society Induction Ceremo...
Waianae High School Varsity Baseball Car Wash
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A wet winter night

Once upon a wet, winter night…

Thunder sounded across the valley followed by lightning knifing the high peaks of the Ko`olau mountains. I peeked out the window to check for rain but found only a chilly, windless night. Minutes earlier, my mom had asked my da...
Apple Cookie Crumble Pie

Apple Cookie Crumble Pie

I have a very, very easy and tasty pie that I make from time to time for friends and family and have been requested to cater for parties because it is that good. It’s the simplest apple pie you can make from scratch, and ...
Ori Ann Li Vegan Paradise cover
Stovetop Kalua Chicken

Family “N” Friends Fishing Tournament

All boaters and fishermen interested in winning cash prizes for their catch will want to join the Family “N” Friends Fishing Tournament on Saturday, May 17, 2014, starting at the Waianae Boat Harbor at 5:00 A.M and ending a...
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Ewa History Train Ride 2013 Featured

Special Ewa September 2, 2013, Labor Day Ewa History Train Ride

Aloha, On Sept. 2 a special Labor Day Holiday Train Ride will begin at 9:30 AM at the Ewa railway train yard located off of Renton Rd and Roosevelt Avenue near historic Ewa Plantation Villages. This is an annual Ewa event ...
2013-05-12 - Ulua 2
Kapolei Public Library
John M. Kelly

Kapolei Library exhibits art of John M. Kelly, “the Gaugin of Hawaii”

Throughout the month of March, 2014, Kapolei Public Library is displaying the art works of John Melville Kelly (1878-1962), renowned  throughout the United States for his etchings, oil paintings, lithographs, prints, and water...
Melemai Kapu'uwaimai Chorale and Vocal Ensemble - 2013
AoS - Easter 2013

Year 2014: Hope for change and preservation

We wish everyone a happy and prosperous year in 2014. Happy days are sure to come if we cherish our communities by embracing all the dreams and beliefs of their different cultures. First and foremost, we must preserve the Hawai...
2013-05-12 - Ulua 2

Does GOP stand for Gutless Obsequious Pussycats?

Republicans do a LOUSY job of sticking up for their core constituents. Evidence? Look at the divide and conquer success the current occupant of the White House has enjoyed in his efforts to demonize the wealth — and priva...
Ewa Plantation Cemetery

Major Tragedy And Disgrace – Iwi Kupuna at Ewa Plantation Cemetery!

Millions of bucks thrown around and away, but the City owned Ewa Plantation Cemetery is nearly completely neglected and tombstones knocked down and broken. This is a BROKEN TRUST with the Ewa Plantation Community and their rich...
AoS - Easter 2013