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Complaints About Oneula Beach Park Upset Ewa Neighborhood Meeting

At the August 2014 meeting of the Ewa Neighborhood Board the controversial topic of the evening was the Oneula Beach Park. Community members appeared before the board to complain about the upkeep and use of the park. One reside...
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Waianae is offered opportunities to produce electricity

At the general meeting of the Waianae Neighborhood Board on April 4, 2014, Randy Stevens presented  a proposal for the EURUS Energy America Corporation regarding a 200-acre photovoltaic (PV) farm. The business intends to sell ...
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Fall and winter 2014 activities for Nanakuli High and Intermediate School

Nanakuli High and Intermediate School submits an exciting fall and winter calendar of events for its 2014-2015 school year.  Here are the activities for the months of September through January: September 15 – Hawaii Paci...
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A wet winter night

Once upon a wet, winter night…

Thunder sounded across the valley followed by lightning knifing the high peaks of the Ko`olau mountains. I peeked out the window to check for rain but found only a chilly, windless night. Minutes earlier, my mom had asked my da...

Matthew Lynch Guides Vegetable Gardeners at Kapolei Library September 6, 2014

Matthew Lynch, permaculture designer will be at Kapolei Public Library SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 2014 @ 1:00. He will talk about permaculture and edible home gardening. For more information, open the following link: Permaculture ...
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17th annual Ahi Fever Fish-n-Tournament big winners

17th annual Ahi Fever Fish-n-Tournament big winners

Team #113 is the big winner at the 17th annual Ahi Fever Fish-n-Tournament on June 14-15, 2014.  Carol Pohina, corresponding secretary of the Waianae Fishing Boat Club that sponsors this event, shares what happened on that mem...
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Makaha Canoe Club continues Hawaiian community sport

Makaha, a little rural  town of approximately 9,000 people on Oahu, is famous for its surfing beach where popular tournaments are held during the winter season. When spring arrives, the community looks forward to other sports,...
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John M. Kelly

Kapolei Library exhibits art of John M. Kelly, “the Gaugin of Hawaii”

Throughout the month of March, 2014, Kapolei Public Library is displaying the art works of John Melville Kelly (1878-1962), renowned  throughout the United States for his etchings, oil paintings, lithographs, prints, and water...
Melemai Kapu'uwaimai Chorale and Vocal Ensemble - 2013
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Farmers' descendants are key to agriculture preservation

Farmers’ descendants are key to agriculture preservation

Farmers work hard. They make sure they provide their children with extensive education to improve their future lives. Then they grow old hoping that their children will continue the farming business. Most children have seen how...
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Does GOP stand for Gutless Obsequious Pussycats?

Republicans do a LOUSY job of sticking up for their core constituents. Evidence? Look at the divide and conquer success the current occupant of the White House has enjoyed in his efforts to demonize the wealth — and priva...

Annual Ewa town bon dance held June 21, 2014

The Ewa Fukushima Bon Dance Club performed its annual event at the Ewa Hongwanji Mission on Renton Road in Historic Ewa Plantation Village last  Saturday, June 21. Ewa historian John Bond shares a video and pictures of the par...
Ewa Plantation Cemetery
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